Stories from Southwest Virginia

Southwest Virginia is a location as unique as it’s people. We pride ourselves on rich cultural heritage, food, music, and the arts. “Stories from Southwest Virginia” is our podcast which tells the stories of this amazing region we live in.

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  • 19th Amendment with Karen Hester and Jan Medieros
  • Ecotourism with Austin Counts – Appalachian Voices

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27 Sep, 2020
Appalachian Voices and Ecotourism in Southwest VirginiaChad Thompson
What is ecotourism you might ask? noun tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts
27 Sep, 2020
Celebrating the 19th Amendment with Karen and JanFriends Marketing
There is no question that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was an important one. This Amendment gave women the
27 Sep, 2020
Wytheville Museums and SWVA Decor with Michael GillmanFriends Marketing
In today’s episode, I had the chance to speak with Michael Gillman about the work he does at the Thomas
27 Sep, 2020
Who is Momma MolassesChad Thompson
This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with country music artist Ella Patrick (Momma Molasses). We have a delightful
27 Sep, 2020
Theatre Under the Stars with Terrance JacksonChad Thompson
With the events going on around the world today, there was little hope for live theatre performances in 2020. The
27 Sep, 2020
No boundaries with Alicia Phelps in Northeast TennesseeChad Thompson
Today I had the chance to speak with Alicia Phelps, Executive Director of the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association. Alicia has
27 Sep, 2020
The Creative Community of Abingdon VirginiaChad Thompson
In today’s episode, I had the chance to speak with Assistant Director of Tourism, Amanda Livingston about some great things
27 Sep, 2020
A Taste of the Pakalachian Food TruckChad Thompson
The Pakalachian Food truck has become a staple of the Southwest Virginia food scene. The truck in conjunction with its
27 Sep, 2020
Greeko’s Grill and Cafe, Abingdon VirginiaChad Thompson
Today’s episode we take a delicious dive into the story behind Greeko’s Grill and Cafe in Abingdon, Virginia. I had
27 Sep, 2020
Reynolds Homestead Then and NowChad Thompson
In today’s episode, I am joined by Beth Ford and Julie Steel representing the Reynolds Homestead in Patrick County, Virginia.

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