Theatre Under the Stars with Terrance Jackson

Theatre Under the Stars with Terrance Jackson

With the events going on around the world today, there was little hope for live theatre performances in 2020. The Barter Theatre in Abingdon Virginia had other plans, however. An idea sparked of an outdoor theatre, perhaps at the old Moonlite Drive-In, just a couple exits down the road. This idea would become a reality, a one of a kind idea because after all, “The show must go on.”

On today’s Stories from Southwest Virginia podcast episode, I had the chance to speak with Terrance Jackson, a resident actor at the Barter Theatre. Terrance tells us all about this amazing idea of outdoor, drive-in theatre and how it went from just an idea to something real. Terrance is performing in both scheduled plays of The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast Jr.

It’s been wonderful seeing and hearing about all the great things Terrance and the rest of the Barter Theatre actors, staff, and crew have been working on over the past few months. They have even been showcasing behind the scenes videos, where you can view backstage footage of the production, preparations, and more.

Terrance also talks to us about how the cast and crew remain safe during the pandemic. He discusses the necessary precautions and guidelines they have been utilizing to not only keep themselves safe but also visitors to the outdoor theatre.

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*Featured image compliments of Barter Theatre, Photo Credit: Garrett Houston