Southwest Virginia Virtual Visits

Southwest Virginia Virtual Visits are a great way to explore what we have to offer from the comfort of your own home! Get ideas and get inspired about new places to go, or see fun and familiar places you have visited before.

Each week we will be visiting a new location within Southwest Virginia and showcasing all the fun things we have to offer!

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9 Dec, 2023
White Blaze Outdoors Virtual Science VisitFriends Marketing
In today’s episode, we joined White Blaze Outdoors owner Justin for a trip to Crystal Springs in Wytheville, Virginia. White
9 Dec, 2023
Downtown Wytheville Celebration Virtual VisitChad Thompson
In this episode, we head to downtown Wytheville to visit during the July 3rd celebration. Wytheville is a fun location
9 Dec, 2023
Abingdon Vineyards: Southwest Virginia Virtual VisitChad Thompson
Abingdon Vineyards is a wonderful location out by the river and the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abingdon, Virginia. Here you
9 Dec, 2023
The Arts Depot, Abingdon Virginia Virtual VisitChad Thompson
Today, we visit the Arts Depot in Abingdon Virginia. Located in downtown Abingdon, the Arts Depot is housed in a
9 Dec, 2023
Big Walker Lookout Virtual Visit: Wytheville, VirginiaChad Thompson
In this episode, we visit the historic and family-owned, Big Walker Lookout Country Store in Wytheville, Virginia. Expect to experience
9 Dec, 2023
William King Museum of Art Virtual VisitChad Thompson
In this episode, we visit the William King Museum of Art in Abingdon, Virginia. The William King Museum of Art
9 Dec, 2023
Holston Mountain Artisans Virtual VisitChad Thompson
In today’s episode, we visited the Holston Mountain Artisans Guild in Abingdon, Virginia. Holston Mountain Artisans has been around for
The Great Channels
9 Dec, 2023
The Great Channels Virginia Virtual VisitChad Thompson
There’s a lot of great things to see and do in Southwest Virginia. One of these things is a natural
9 Dec, 2023
Historic Main Street, Abingdon VirginiaChad Thompson
Today’s virtual visit, we are exploring downtown Abingdon Virginia and its historic main street. We start off at the Virginia
The Creeper Trail at Alvarado Pano
9 Dec, 2023
Virginia Creeper Trail, Alvarado StationChad Thompson
The Virginia Creeper Trail is no stranger to visitors of Southwest Virginia. The trail is 34.3 miles long, ranging from