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Plan Your Trip

Something For Everyone

In Southwest Virginia, it’s all about the journey… and the destination. You will never have to worry about finding something here that will keep you moving. Our scenic region boasts a vibrant culture that is bursting with a robust music heritage, outdoor adventure, arts and culture, spectacular scenery, and rich natural resources. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the number of experiences available are limitless. If you’re a music lover, you’ve come to the right place because we’re all about country, bluegrass, and much more! And if you simply want to enjoy the views, take it slow and easy and enjoy the beauty of Southwest Virginia, we don’t blame you a bit!

The Southwest Virginia Cultural Center and Marketplace is the Gateway to Southwest Virginia music, crafts, outdoor recreation, food and local culture. Here we celebrate the unique natural and cultural assets that make Southwest Virginia such an incredible place to live or visit. With the objective of making Southwest Virginia known all over the United States and the world, we focus on the region’s natural beauty, unique culture, and welcoming and hospitable people. Several organizations, all headquartered at The Southwest Virginia Cultural Center and Marketplace, join forces to celebrate this beautiful region of Virginia that we get to call home including The Crooked Road, ‘Round the Mountain, and Appalachian Spring.

Top 10 Mini-Vacations in SWVA

Featuring a landscape dappled with mammoth swaths of wilderness, laced with free-flowing rivers, and crowned by high peaks—including the loftiest summit in the state, 5,728-foot Mount Rogers—Southwest Virginia is like no place else in the state. For outdoor lovers, this ruggedly wild corner of the state is not to be missed, but the bounty of recreational opportunities can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have the inside scoop from locals in the know—including outdoor outfitters, trail clubs, and thru-hikers— offering some of the best bets for an adventure-filled mini-vacation in Southwest Virginia.

Waterfalls Of Southwest Virginia

The peaks and valleys of Southwest Virginia embrace the Blue Ridge, Allegheny, and Cumberland mountains in the Appalachian chain, offering numerous opportunities to experience the beautiful sight of waterfalls. Many lie close to the road, allowing easy access, but others require a challenging hike.

You could start with the Cascades in Jefferson National Forest. Several streams, multiple falls, swimming holes, picnic sites, and a four-mile hiking trail present a variety of sensations, like the movements of a symphony. The crescendo comes with the 66-foot waterfall that crashes into a large pool surrounded by 200-foot cliff walls. Wooden stairs and platforms make the falls accessible to many hikers.