Artisan Interview with writer Greg Lilly

Artisan Interview with writer Greg Lilly

This week we had the opportunity to speak with ‘Round the Mountain Artisan and writer, Greg Lilly of Abingdon, Virginia. Greg has written a number of books such as Stray, The Wolf Crystal, and The Devils Bridge. It was great to get to hear first hand how Greg got his start, learn about his life and his love for the Southwest Virginia area.

From Greg’s biography:

Greg Lilly grew up in Bristol, Virginia then lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. The rich storytelling tradition of the South captivated him and he began writing. He first turned to creating short stories after plot lines emerged from the technical manuals he wrote for a large family-owned corporation.

Moving to Sedona, Arizona, Greg chronicled the high desert characters – past and present – in his books, Under a Copper Moon and Scalping the Red Rocks.

Greg relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia, where he wrote and edited a regional magazine.

Today, he lives and writes in Abingdon, Virginia.

To learn more about Greg, his work, and the links mentioned in the episode, please see below:

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You can view Greg’s work at the Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace in Abingdon Virginia. You can also purchase it from our online shop.