Appalachian Sustainable Development: Growing Flowers & Friendships

Appalachian Sustainable Development: Growing Flowers & Friendships

In today’s episode of Stories from Southwest Virginia, we got to sit down and speak with Debbie, Sarah, and Megan of Appalachian Sustainable Development, or ASD for short.

ASD has been working since 1995 to aid and support the Appalachian region in the agricultural economy “by supporting local agriculture, exploring new economic opportunities, and connecting people to healthy food.”

“In the beginning, ASD focused exclusively on 15 counties in northeast TN and southwest VA. Today our work has expanded to include partners in WV, eastern KY, and southeast OH.”

In this episode, we discuss a broad overview of ASD as well as dive deep into their Groundwork initiative and their late bloomers program. We get to hear from these working professionals about various aspects of the organization such as sustainability within the region, building relationships, education, and more.

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