Brewing Through Friendship

Brewing Through Friendship

On today’s episode of the Stories from Southwest Virginia Podcast we speak with three breweries who also happen to be three great friends. These breweries in Montgomery County, Virginia tell us what it means to be Southwest Virginian by showcasing a great example of community, being neighborly, and having a passion behind their products.

Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Moon Hollow Brewing, and Eastern Divide Brewing Company were such a fun group to speak with on the podcast. Their love and friendship certainly shine through. Our conversation gives insight into their history, their current operations, and their plans for the future.

Special thanks to David Rotenizer, executive director, Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Montgomery County Regional Tourism has helped produce the Craft Beverage Makers of Montgomery County PODCAST SERIES as a component to the Craft Beverage Makers of Montgomery County TRAIL under development. The series includes craft beer, craft wine, and craft coffee.


To learn more about these amazing breweries, be sure to visit their websites linked below.


Rising Silo A Farm Brewery


Moon Hollow Brewing


Eastern Divide Brewing Company


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