Distilleries in SWVA

Distilleries in SWVA

Virginia, which has a long and fascinating history regarding distilled drinks, produced
the first batch of whiskey on American soil way back in 1620. A rich tradition has
followed, with numerous distilleries and tasting rooms now open all across the
Commonwealth, including several in Southwest Virginia.
Each has its own distinct flavor and story, as you’ll see when you visit the following



Floyd’s first distillery since prohibition, Five Mile Mountain uses
old, traditional recipes utilizing traditional copper stills on open flames to produce their
handcrafted spirits. Their batches of whiskey are kept small to ensure that the product
is known for the same quality as their long lost predecessors who made a living either
making or running spirits in the region.



Producing premium spirits in Rural Retreat, Davis Valley is a
small batch craft distillery that uses locally grown grains and fruits, as well as limestone-
filtered mountain spring water, to make clean, pure and exceptionally smooth spirits.
Products include vodka, a variety of moonshine, whiskey and bourbon and tours and
tastings are available.



Located in the moonshine capital of the world, Franklin
County builds on the brand that bootleggers built, offering a true taste of history in every
bottle. The White Label Corn Whiskey and Rocky Mount Rye are fourth generation
recipes, handed down and perfected over 100 years, while they also feature Apple and
Grape Brandy, as well as Roanoke Rum. Visit the tasting room, outdoor patio and
copper covered bar to get a real taste of true goodness!



Russell County’s first and only legal moonshine distillery,
Stone Mountain features smooth moonshines in several rich flavors, as well as bourbon,
brandy and much more. There’s also a great bar where spirits are used to make various
delicious cocktails, as well as some delicious food offerings.