The Creative Community of Abingdon Virginia

The Creative Community of Abingdon Virginia

In today’s episode, I had the chance to speak with Assistant Director of Tourism, Amanda Livingston about some great things going on in Abingdon, Virginia.

Like many areas in Southwest Virginia and all across the nation Abingdon has suffered from the COVID19 pandemic. As a thriving tourist town, this small community hasn’t let current day struggles interrupt their stride. Creative and innovative are just two terms to describe how this community has come together to keep businesses open and the economy going. One such creative feat is the use of the old Moonlite Drive-in theatre as a stage to perform live shows from the Barter Theatre.

Since social distance is practically impossible inside the actual Barter Theatre, creative-minded members came together for the one-of-a-kind idea. Build a stage outdoors, have space for cars to park, and perform live under the stars! Not only does this allow for guests to continue being able to enjoy Barter Theatre performances, but also to once again re-live childhood memories in front of the silver screen.

Abingdon’s local eateries were also steadfast in coming up with plans to keep their doors open and provide their wonderful meals to the town. From outdoor dining, to take out, and even some offering delivery. Some local restaurants are even taking part in the Barter Theatre in a “Play with your food” event the town is holding. The idea is to enjoy a nice meal from a local restaurant and then go see one of the Barter plays at the Moonlite. Guests can go grab their meal and eat it while enjoying the play, sounds like a great plan! Dinner Theatre if you will!

Even though things have been limited, the spirit of the town is still alive and well.

Abingdon has so many fun things to offer from outdoor recreation, downtown shopping, and dining, entertainment, and even self-guided tours! Rather you have never been to Abingdon before, or you’re looking to go back and visit again, there’s never a dull time to go.

If you want to find out more about Abingdon, please visit their website and Facebook page for more information!

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*Featured image provided by Virginia Tourism Corporation,