A Taste of the Pakalachian Food Truck

A Taste of the Pakalachian Food Truck

The Pakalachian Food truck has become a staple of the Southwest Virginia food scene. The truck in conjunction with its name makes food options that combine traditional Appalachian dishes with that of Pakistani meals. The Pakalachian is a beautiful story of love, food, and culture, between truck owners Katlin and Moshin. At first, they were not sure what big adventure they wanted to embark on. One day while driving through Rural Retreat, Virginia, the idea of The Pakalchain Food truck was born.

Katlin’s background in education and Moshin’s background in conservation make for a unique blend of culture, awareness, family, and love. They both strive to give back to the local economy by purchasing fresh products and ingredients for their truck locally at farmers’ markets. They also believe in maintaining conservation efforts by providing biodegradable supplies and never purchasing more than what they need. Their idea of always purchasing just enough, but never too much is something we could all live by.

In today’s podcast episode, we talk about all things Pakalachian from the name to the artwork, and of course those delicious dishes you can order!

Their goal is to never have waste while also providing food for everyone who wants to give their unique cuisine a try!

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