The Great Channels Virginia Virtual Visit

The Great Channels Virginia Virtual Visit

There’s a lot of great things to see and do in Southwest Virginia. One of these things is a natural wonder known as The Great Channels. Located just 15 miles north of Abingdon Virginia in Washington and Russell counties, The Great Channels is a sight you want to see.

Hikers rejoice as this area includes both the 5.5 mile Channels Trail as well as the Eastern portion of the Brumley Gap Trail (14 miles). The preferred hike to The Channels begins at the parking area on Route 80. This hike is a 3.5-mile straight hike to the top. This hike does include some steep areas and rocky paths that could be tough for some.

Although parts of the hike can be challenging and summer heat beams down, the end result is well worth the trek. You’ll know you have reached the top when you see the old fire tower (built-in 1936). As you make your final ascent to the peak, you will have the opportunity to see marvelous views of the Southwest Virginia landscape. Breathtaking views year-round, however, we recommend spring for complete sight distance, and fall to see the turning of the leaves.

If you stay on the trail and keep walking past the Fire Tower, you will soon encounter the main attraction. Natural sandstone paths through the rocks present remarkable natural mazes. You’ll be walking in, through, and under the large rock-like maze. This is also a great area to take a moment to cool down, as you’ll feel a slight temperature drop, similar to that of underground caves.

Also in this area, a small climb to the top of the rocks where you can see more amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Some key things to keep in mind while visiting The Channels:

  • Parking is limited to about 10 spaces. The park has asked that you do not park outside of the established parking area on roadways, pull off spots, or on private property. These violations could result in ticketing and fines.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails or in the park
  • There are no restrooms or picnic tables available

For more information on The Channels, please visit the Virginia State Parks website here.