The Hill

The Hill

 We all know how special the hills of Southwest Virginia and everything within them are. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely well versed in their beauty and uniqueness. From the cascading Appalachian mountains that tumble through the region to the fascinating culture that has grown upon them. You don’t have to look far for plenty of reasons this corner of the world has etched itself into the hearts of so many. 

Sitting atop those reasons for many people is the golf scene that has developed in this section of the state. Stretching from the coal fields all the way to the skyline of Roanoke, Southwest Virginia offers players some of the best golf in the state. From the challenges that come alongside playing golf in the mountains to the stunning vistas each course displays. It is simply a golfer’s paradise. Each course is a unique puzzle piece that fits in perfectly with others to complete a picture of a region with one of the most unique and superb collection of golf courses in the country. I recently was fortunate enough to visit one of the region’s best courses. 

The Hill, or otherwise known as Blacksburg Municipal Golf Course, designed by Lester George has solidified its position  in the heart of Southwest Virginia golf. You’ll find a round at The Hill exemplifies each and every one of the wonderful aspects that gives the region such a vibrant golf scene. 

 The course more than lives up to its namesake. The Hill sits above Blacksburg and delights golfers with different breathtaking views on each of its nine holes. The second hole ends on a green that is the single highest point in the city. Each stroke will leave you with a view of mountains chasing the horizon in a way that seems unfair you didn’t have to hike for hours to see it. 

Though, one does not have to look off into the horizon for a gorgeous view. The Hill was recently renovated and installed many features that are sure to delight golfers of all skill levels. Center Cut bentgrass was planted in the fairways. The greens were planted with 007 bentgrass and new tee surfaces were installed with zoysia grass. Three new playing surfaces were installed and bunkers were renovated. There are now five sets of tees and all of this combines to produce a course that is without a doubt, one of the best maintained and aesthetically pleasing in the state. With blue mountains off in the distance and grass greener than St. Patricks day to play from, there isn’t much left anyone could ask for. 

However if you’re like me, the biggest draw a golf course can have is the playstyle it has to offer. The Hill has a course design that is as fun to play as it is to look at. It plays like you would expect a course on a hilltop in the mountains would but it remains friendly for golfers of all skill levels. The distance is just over 2700 yards through nine holes from the longest tees and just shy of 1900 from the shortest tees but those numbers are deceptive due to the elevation change. The fairways are narrow and the greens are small with strategic bunkers that dot them both. The Hill is one of the most charming short but challenging courses in the region. Each stroke is a balance of precision and control. Each time you step up to a tee box, you’ll have to decide whether to shoot for the distant mountains and pull out your driver or play it safe with a shorter club. 

It’s a course that will always have you on your feet and catching your breath from the views each hole has to offer. From the recent renovations to the pristine location to the charm every golfer is sure to find in its design; The Hill sits at the top of the hill as one of the best golf courses the region has to offer. The elevation, narrow fairways, and small greens will challenge you in deceptive and delightful ways while still remaining friendly to golfers of all skill levels. Its proximity to Blacksburg makes it the perfect place to spend a day on the links and enjoy an evening in the city. The staff is beyond kind and helpful. Overall, it is hard to top the golf experience you can find at the top of the hill at The Hill. 

 If you do find yourself playing a round at The Hill, be sure to enjoy the city of Blacksburg as well. There are plenty of things to do after a round of golf including  

  • Visiting Virginia Tech and all the amenities and attractions it offers 
  • Catch a football game at Lane Stadium 
  • Enjoy the growing craft brewery scene 
  • Make a stop at one of the many coffee houses. Foamo’s has artwork you’ll not soon forget 
  • Explore the great culinary scene in the city, Zeppoli’s is a local favorite 


Regardless of what your day holds, I hope your experience at The Hill is one that will leave you dreaming of playing one more round.  



*A special thanks to course manager Jeff Kleppin and the rest of the staff at The Hill. Their time and generosity made this story possible.