SWVA & Bristol Rhythm and Roots

SWVA & Bristol Rhythm and Roots

Bristol Rhythm and Roots is home to some of the best acts in music and one of our largest music festivals in SWVA / NETN. This musical reunion is an annual event with quests arriving from all over the country. It’s a time when we all come together and enjoy music, food, crafts, beer, and friends. BRRR is home to hundreds of musicians each and every year along with some 70,000+ fans.

Rather you enjoy a small stage indoors or a large stage on State Street, Rhythm and Roots is sure to not disappoint. While the primary focus of music is Country and Bluegrass, a staple to our musical roots, there are many other genres and styles of music here as well. Everything from rock, jazz, alternative, indie, and folk join in the ranks to provide a diverse style of musical content.

Two States at One Time

Bristol located in both Virginia and Tennessee and split right down the middle of State Street where Rhythm and Roots takes place. You can literally walk down the street in two states at one time. Both sides of the street are filled with local businesses covering everything from food, beer, clothing, home decor, and so much more. Crafters, face painters, artisans, and food trucks also come to line the streets giving you near unlimited options during your Rhythm and Roots experience.

Family Friendly Event

No matter the reason you come to Rhythm and Roots, here we’re all family. This is the perfect event of the year to spend with friends and family alike, as there are activities for all age ranges. Rhythm and Roots offers kids areas complete with games, face painting, contests and other activities that they will enjoy.

Get the most out of the Festival

To get the most out of the festival and not miss out on your favorite acts. It’s important to remember to either pickup a paper map and schedule when entering into the festival or downloading the Rhythm and Roots app on your phone. The festival stretches the entire length of State Street and some, so there are times you have some ground to cover. Having a plan in mind prior to going to the event it the best option.

We hope to see you there!