Salt of the Earth Spa Retreat in Abingdon Virginia

Salt of the Earth Spa Retreat in Abingdon Virginia

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Abingdon, Virginia is home to many great things to do. Some of these adventures may lead you to the Barter Theatre, a fine dining experience, a walk down the creeper trail, or to a relaxing Spa. The Salt of the Earth Spa in Abingdon has to be one of my favorite destinations. With both quality and comfort you really can’t beat the experience.

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Salt Spa Room at Salt of the Earth in Abingdon, Virginia

The main Spa room is covered with pure Himalayan salt, comfortable chairs, and your own salt brick to relax with. While in the room, lights are dimmed low with relaxing music fueling the peaceful atmosphere. During the duration of your spa experience, a diffuser will release more salt particles into the air. This is all curated to mimic a natural salt cave.

The salt and created atmosphere is said to aid with a number of health issues such as: breathing, sinus, relaxation, anxiety, and more.

Aside from the blissful salt therapy treatment, Salt of the Earth also has massaging, red light therapy, yoga, and a number of other treatments for complete relaxation.

My personal experiences have never been less than excellent. My only regret is not yet having tried other forms of therapy outside of the salt spa. The warm and welcome environment, knowledgable and friendly staff, and inexpensive pricing are all icing on the cake for myself.

I would recommend Salt of the Earth to anyone who would enjoy a relaxing escape from the mundane and to lift their auroras. As someone who suffers from often crushing anxiety, the salt therapy always helps to put my mind and body at ease. I’ve found it to be one of few remedies that help alleviate my anxious thoughts and physical feelings.

The next time you’re planning a visit to Abingdon and need to take a little break, pay a visit to the shop at:

321 W. Main St.

Abingdon, VA 24210

You can also visit them on the web at: Salt of the Earth Abingdon.