Marion Virginia’s Lincoln Theatre

Marion Virginia’s Lincoln Theatre

The Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia is a non-profit organization specializing in theatrical arts, live music, and is home to The Song of the Mountains televised show, which showcases music and cultural heritage of Southwest, Virginia.

The Lincoln Theatre was built by Charles Lincoln Sr. in the 1920s. At the time, Lincoln was the wealthiest man in Marion, Virginia and already owned a successful furniture store and hotel. Lincoln wanted to bring movies to Marion, which is why he pursued the option of a local theatre.

During the time the Lincoln theatre was built, Mayan Revival architecture was a vastly popular choice, especially in cities such as New York and Jersey City. Lincoln being a frequent visitor to those areas, wanted to bring that look back to his new theatre in Marion, and thus a unique look and style in Southwest,Virginia was developed.

Over the next forty years, the Lincoln would remain one of the most well known movie houses in the state of Virginia. Aside from motion pictures, music began to take the stage of the Lincoln and the likes of iconic country and bluegrass stars took the stage.

Things came to a halt in the late 70s and the Lincoln Theatre closed its doors. It wasn’t until the later 80s that a group formed to reopen the Lincoln Theatre after necessary renovations took place.

After sitting silently for over a decade, the Lincoln eventually reopened its doors and became home to the arts once again. Today, the Lincoln is home the The Song of the Mountains television series, local plays, The Town of Marion music events, and other private and public events.

The Lincoln Theatre is located in downtown Marion, Virginia in the small business district. The theatre is within walking distance of local shops, eateries, art centers, and other cultural attractions. A short and scenic drive down the road will lead travelers to the beautiful Hungry Mother State park and the Back of the Dragon winding roadway which leads to Tazewell, Virginia.