Fall Weekend Getaways in Southwest Virginia

Fall Weekend Getaways in Southwest Virginia

No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, Southwest Virginia has a lot of great options for a short weekend getaway. Enjoy some scenic drives, visit a winery, or even rent a country cabin. Whether you’re traveling solo or with the family, we know you’ll have a great retreat. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Scenic Drives

If there is one thing Southwest Virginia is known for, it’s our scenic drives and road trips. Rather you enjoy the well known roadways like The Blue Ridge Parkway, Back of the Dragon, Mount Rogers Scenic Byway, The Crooked Roador enjoy smaller back routes like Route 80. We have a lot of fun and photogenic options.

We’ve written some articles in the past showcasing a lot of road trip possibilities all across the region. Some of those locations include: Along I-81, Glade Spring, Abingdon, and Damascus, a weekend trip to St. Paul and Norton, Floyd to Stuart.

Visit a Winery

Wine is great any time of the year, but there’s something special about the Fall. It could be the brisk cool breeze or perhaps the multicolored leaves. No matter the reason, visiting a winery this Fall could be just what you have been looking for. The good thing about wineries is, we’re not in short supply. No matter what part of the region you find yourself in, you should also find a winery. Here’s a list of wineries within the region.

Wellness Retreat

Let’s face it, sometimes life and work can be so fast-paced, it’s often hard to settle down. Just like the changing of the seasons, perhaps its time to change up your routine with a wellness retreat. Southwest Virginia has a lot of options when it comes to taking some time for a recharge. With activities like yoga, massage therapy, and breathing in the fresh mountain air, you’ll feel much more alive and well after this retreat.

Primland Resort, Patrick County

Primland is an exceptional location if you’re looking for a mountainous retreat with fun outdoor activities. Golfing, hiking, and biking are three fantastic options to look into at Primland. There are three stay options available from the lodge, cottages, or even luxurious tree houses.

Anahata Education Center, Floyd Virginia

If you’re looking to learn more about general wellness and a sense of calm, perhaps Anahata in Floyd is the best retreat option for you. Packages for everything from yoga, men and women, and couples. Take some time to wind down, reflect, and soothe your soul.

Eupepsia Wellness Retreat, Bland Virginia

Located in Bland, County, Eupepsia is another well-established wellness retreat located in Southwest Virginia. Practices like yoga and mediation make this the perfect getaway to relax and find balance in your life. Eupepsia is one of the most top-rated wellness retreats in all the United States. Plan a trip for yourself, or go along with a friend or loved one.