Experience Smyth County’s Roadside Attractions

Experience Smyth County’s Roadside Attractions

If you’re seeking a quirky roadside attraction tour, Smyth County has some well-known locations you cannot miss! During this two-day and one-night stay, you can surely enjoy the local staples of Smyth County.


America’s coolest hometown of Marion is full of fun and exciting adventures. Hungry Mother State Park, the Lincoln Theatre, and The Wayne Henderson School, just to name a few. While on your trip to Marion, consider these must-see roadside attractions!



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Got Dip Dogs?

One of the most iconic local attractions is an old-time drive-up restaurant called the “Dip Dog Stand”. Opened in 1957, the Dip Dog Stand has been serving locals and visitors for over 62 years. At first glance, you might think these are just corndogs but that’s not the correct assumption. Dip Dogs are something truly unique you must try when visiting the area. 

View the Octagon House

Explore Smyth County history and take a drive by the historic octagon house! The uncommon style of octagon homes gained popularity in the United States in the 1850s and owner Abijah Thomas set out to build his own in Smyth County, Virginia. Listed as one of Virginia’s most endangered locations in 2015, the Octagon House has been working on renovations for future tours showcasing rare architectural details.

Sallie’s Crying Tree

This 200-year-old oak tree has withstood the test of time and has a lot of history surrounding it. Sallie’s Crying Tree has come to symbolize strength and perseverance in this small-town community. Sallie’s Crying Tree is a symbol of hope and freedom endured from many years of slavery.

Blue Iguana Reptile Supply

Located on a back alley of Marion’s downtown, Blue Iguana Reptile supply is where you can meet some not-so furry friends! Here you can expect to see turtles, iguanas, chameleons, and even a parrot! Learn more about the life and personalities of reptiles and maybe even make a few new friends!


Heading across Highway 107 from Chilhowie to Saltville, you can start traveling to our next roadside food establishment. Just outside the limits of Saltville is another drive-up location you don’t want to miss.

Buck’s Drive-in

Bucks is an old-time drive-in offering all-time favorites such as burgers, tater tots, chili dogs, and other American classics. A favored location by locations that get visitors coming in from miles and miles. This mom and pops style establishment is not only great for your taste buds but your wallet too!

Museum of the Middle Appalachians

The Museum of the Middle Appalachians is a small museum located in Saltville, Virginia. This museum will take you from the Ice Age to the Space Age with exhibits on early people, industry, fossils, and more! This museum is great for families who want to see history come alive. Don’t miss the large-scale Wooley Mammoth!

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