Afternoon Drives in SWVA

Afternoon Drives in SWVA

As a Southwest, Virginia Native, I really know and enjoy the area. Possibly one of my favorite pastimes is to take long drives around the area I live in. I just head out with my camera and my car and never quite know where I’ll end up. I especially love doing this on pretty Sunday afternoons (much like yesterday). There is usually little traffic and less activities to worry about.

It’s a great time to relax and reflect on the previous week, as well as prepare for the next week. It’s a type of peace you just don’t see in the city. Sometimes I’ll drive around in silence with nothing more than my thoughts, other times I’ll cut on some 90s alternative music and step back in time to my childhood.

I’ll try and revisit old memories and destinations, while also finding new ones. There are no rules, deadlines, or disturbances. Just me and the road. I find that in adult life, it’s easy for us to get caught up in work, or home, or so many activities. We don’t always allow ourselves enough time to wind down and think. Sometimes, we just have to give back to ourselves and escape the clutter we create.

During our normal daily commutes, it’s easy to get into an “auto pilot” and not take in what is around us. Or sometimes we simply take things for granted. These Sunday drives for me though, are a way to really pay attention to all the things around. To really pay attention to home.

I’ve lived in Washington Co, Virginia all my life (32 years). I know the area well and sometimes it’s easy to overlook the things around me…because I see it everyday. The truth is, this area tells the story of my life. So many places holding so many of my memories all waiting for me to come re-visit.

The store where I bought my first lotto ticket. The movie theatre where I went on my first date. My best friend’s childhood home. The locations just keep going on and on.

I urge you to just take a drive around Southwest, Virginia. Although I enjoy traveling around alone, you might enjoy the company of a companion. Drive in silence or turn on some music. It’s your drive.