5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Southwest Virginia

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Southwest Virginia

Small Town Charm

Nothing beats a friendly face in a small Southwest Virginia town. On these main streets, you’ll find locally owned businesses where they truly care about you and yours. Rather you’re looking for a meal, a place to stay, or a unique shopping experience, SWVA has you covered. Pictured above is Main Street in Marion, Virginia. Marion is home to fun things like Hungry Mother State Park, The Lincoln Theatre, Back of the Dragon, and great downtown shopping and dining options.

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Beautiful Outdoors

One thing we are truly grateful for in Southwest Virginia is our beautiful landscapes. State and National Parks, hiking trails, boating access, and much more await you on your next adventure. From the highest peak in the state to some of the most iconic trails in the country, SWVA has an outdoor space just for you. Pictured above is an early Fall scene from Grayson Highlands State Park in Grayson County, Virginia.

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Slow Down & Relax


It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but here in SWVA things seem to slow down. When you’re here, things like friends, family, and good times become most important. We want you to enjoy your stay and leave your worries at home. Enjoy some time by a crackling campfire, see the arts and crafts of our artisans, and hear the music of our wonderful and talented musicians. No matter why you choose SWVA, just know it’s time to slow down and stay awhile.

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Award-Winning Food

If there is one thing we know and we know well, it’s food. The fun thing about SWVA is we are a unique blend of various cultures and traditions from all over the world. That blend is what makes “Appalachian life” so fun and unique. One area where this blend brings about a new style is in our food. We have everything from southern comfort, Pakistani, Greek, German, Spanish, and just about everything else in between. We also have award-winning chefs spread across the region who are ready to tease your pallet. Join us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…you won’t regret it!

Pictured above is a caramel glazed cheesecake slice from Sugar Hill Brewing in St. Paul, Virginia.

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Unique Shopping Experience

Our final piece of the list is our unique shopping experience. In Southwest Virginia, we pride ourselves on cultural heritage, arts, and crafts. We love our artisan gateways, farmers’ markets, and handmade gift shops. If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience and for handcrafted items, you’ve come to the right spot. Pictured above is Hester’s Country Store in Marion, Virginia with a sampling of canned goods and wine from the region. Owner Karen Hester owns a second location called Cranberry Lane in Bristol, Virginia.

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