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  • Alexander Black House & Cultural Center

    1750, Samuel Black purchased 600 acres of land in Drapers Meadow, but never inhabited the land. When Samuel died, his land was split between his two son

  • The Lyric Theatre

    A restored 1938 movie house, The Lyric Theatre provides the community with film, live plays, dance, music, and lectures. Since 1998, the Lyric has opera

  • Original 16-Block Grid, Blacksburg
    The original town of Blacksburg (the largest town in Virginia) consisted of sixteen square blocks, each made up of 4 lots. Many of the buildings are orig
  • St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
    This modern day church sits on the site of the original St. Michael which was established in the 1750's and one of the earliest churches in the area. The o
  • Historic Smithfield Plantation

    Built in 1773 by Revolutionary War Patriot, William Preston, Smithfield Plantation is a beautifully maintained home. House tours are offered. Also on th

  • Kentland Plantation

    Kentland Plantation is currently owned by the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences from Virginia Tech. It was originally a large plantation owned by

  • Westview Cemetery
    This is a beautiful garden style cemetery. It includes a Confederate monument and a multitude of Confederate soldiers. Some of the notables include Colonel
  • Solitude

    Originally constructed as a log cabin in 1801 by James Patton Preston, who would become Governor. Solitude was the home of two other Virginia governors,

  • Blacksburg Museum – St. Luke & Odd Fellows Hall

    The St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall was built in 1907 in the center of New Town, an African American Community in Blacksburg that emerged after the Civil

  • Merrimac Coal Heritage Park
    This park is a walking trail through a part of the old Merrimac Coal Mines. This mine was one of the oldest anthracite mine in Montgomery County. It was a
  • Special Collections at Virginia Tech
    Special Collection houses a vast array of letters, journal, pictures, and diaries. Includes a Manuscript Collection for the American Civil War, Online exhi
  • Smithfield Plantation Reference Library
    The reference library collection is housed inside Historic Smithfield Plantation house. It includes Preston Family information, Colonial and early Virginia
  • Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail

    The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail commemorates the 1780 campaign that led to the battle of Kings Mountain. The battle was a key turning p

  • Brush Mountain Coal Miners Memorial

    The Brush Mountain Coal Miners Memorial is a black granite monument that celebrates the lives and spirits of the Brush Mountain Coal miner. There are al

  • Southwest Virginia Museum

    Dedicated in 1948, the Southwest Virginia Museum in Big Stone Gap chronicles the exploration and development of the region. The museum houses a collecti

  • Big Stone Gap

    Big Stone Gap is a little town with a big story!

    In the heart of Appalachia lies Big Stone Gap. Founded in 1856, Big Stone Gap represents quintes

  • Interstate 101 Car
    Built in 1870 for the South Carolina & Georgia Railroad, this private car was used by the president of the railroad and is one of the oldest and finest exa
  • Christ Episcopal Church
    A Virginia historical landmark. Established October 30, 1890.
  • John Fox, Jr. Museum

    The museum was the home of John Fox, Jr., a famous mountain author of many novels and short stories. Most well known are "Trail of the Lonesome Pine" an

  • June Tolliver House & Folkart Center

    Location adjacent to amphitheatre that stages the musical adaptation of John Fox Jr.'s novel, "Trail of the Lonesome Pine". At the turn of the century,