Bailey Log Cabin

General Info.

Records show that the Bailey family first settled in what later became Tazewell County more than 230 years ago.  Richard Peyton Bailey, Sr. received a warrant for land along the Bluestone River on October 15, 1770.  Bailey was a scout and spy for the American army who gathered intelligence about the British and Indians in that part of Virginia.  

The Bailey Log Cabin was originally built sometime prior to 1861 near what is now Longview Avenue and Clovis Street intersection in Bluefield, WV when that city was still a part of Virginia.  Its original owner was Harvey “Horry” Bailey, a great-grandson of Richard P. Bailey and also a great-grandson of John Goolman Davidson. 

Since its construction, the Bailey Log House has been moved several times.  During the 1920s it was relocated from the Clovis Street site to Bluefield College campus.  In the 1960s when the school started building the athletic dome, the cabin was moved to Airport Road and used as a gift shop.  In 2005, it was moved by the Graham Historical Society to temporary storage behind the Sanders House. 

In 2011, work began to reassemble the structure.  It was largely completed in 2012, thanks to a large group effort of volunteers and donations. 

200 Sanders Lane
Bluefield, VA
(276) 326-1786

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