Washington County Courthouse

Washington County Courthouse: the previous courthouse, also located on this site, was burned on December 14, 1864, during Stoneman’s Raid, by Union Captain James B. Wyatt, with the 13th Tennessee Cavalry. Wyatt was raised in Abingdon and as a youngster had several run-ins with the local law enforcement. Evidently, Wyatt held a grudge against a local judge, so after Stoneman’s forces had moved north out of Abingdon, Wyatt stayed behind and sought revenge by setting fire to the courthouse. The structure, as well as several adjacent homes, was destroyed. Confederate cavalry soldiers on the west end of town were alerted to Wyatt’s actions. A chase ensued and Wyatt was shot and killed near the corner of Church and Water Streets. Adjacent to the courthouse is the Confederate Soldier Monument, erected in 1907.

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