Sessions Hotel

The Sessions Hotel complex offers beautifully designed authentic accommodations, Simply Grand by Southern Craft Restaurant, a SPA, The Rooftop Bar and outdoor and indoor music venues.  The property is comprised of three historic buildings – a candy factory, grocery building and granary mill making the experiential property very unique.  Fine linens and fabrics, plush bedding and interesting design and art make this property the place to stay in Bristol.  Named after the 1927 Country Music Sessions, the hotel features music and original art telling the story of country music.  The outdoor music venue features well known artists as well as local and up and coming talent.  The indoor stage features more intimate events and serves as a listening rooms.  The Rooftop Bar is fabulous and offers a large space with a full bar and tapas menu.  Simply Grand by Southern Craft offers award winning BBQ among other traditional offerings.  Discover Bristol!  Stand in the middle of State Street with one foot in Virginia and one in Tennessee. With all there is to do in Bristol – from shopping, music festivals, racing … we’re THE place to Play…and STAY!