Nottoway River Boat Landing

The Nottoway is a scenic river, with a minimum of development that provides good fishing for a variety of species. It begins in Nottoway County and makes its way through Southampton County. It has a diverse fishery, ranging from bass (both large and smallmouth) and catfish to shad and herring. Panfishes include bluegill, sunfish, Roanoke bass, yellow perch, and black crappie. Quite a few fishermen say fishing the Nottoway is one of their favorite spots because of the variety of species and the ability to fish year-round. The Nottoway River Boat Landing in Courtland was recently relocated and updated with a concrete boat ramp and a pier for fishing and to pull your boat up to when loading and unloading and it has a large paved parking lot.  Bring your boat, kayak or canoe and explore the Nottoway River and all its species!

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