North Star Restaurant

Home-style diner with unique décor. This locally owned and operated diner welcomes visitors to experience their one of a kind atmosphere and unforgettable menu at a reasonable price.

“Buchanan’s finest and one of my favorite restaurants anywhere in the world. The prices are low, the portions huge and always tasty. It is most often crowded during meal times and you have to be patient and understanding that they are handling a huge crowd for a sleepy little town day in and day out with a small staff. Nevertheless, sometimes they are lightning quick. I have personally brought at least 15 guests here and the first thing many of them talk about when reminiscing about the visit or coming back is going to North Star. Many of the customers are regulars, and know each other well, so don’t be surprised if you see them walking around pouring coffee for others or cleaning tables. Great place. G-R-E-A-T place.” – diner from Roanoke, VA

General Info

American, Casual Dining, Dining, Family Dining, Group Friendly

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