Narrows Town Park

The Narrows Town Park, or “The Boom”, is located on five acres situated between Wolf Creek and Park Drive in Narrows.  Many of the locals call the park “The Boom” because loggers used to float logs down to the Mill Pond, located a small distance from the park, to be cut into boards.  As the logs arrived at the pond, they banged against other logs already in the water, producing a loud boom.  The area where the park is was known for the volume of the “booms” created by the logs, thus calling it “The Boom”.

The park offers a volleyball court,two basketball courts, a bath house with full bathroom facilities, and a variety of new playground equipment.  There is also a swimming area along Wolf Creek.  Due to budget constraints, there are no lifeguards at the park and swimming is at your own risk.  The park is officially operational from May 1st through September 30th.


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