Museum of the Middle Appalachians

Step through the window of time at the Museum of the Middle Appalachians: “From the Ice Age to the Space Age.”  Learn how geology has influenced the area’s history for millions of years. See the full-size replicas of ice age mammals that roamed the region over 15,000 years ago. Visit the site of annual archeological and paleontological digs and see artifacts and fossils that reveal the story of the ancient past. View a display of Woodland Indian artifacts that includes an extensive collection of bead work and tools.

In the Salt Theater see five video programs about the role of the Salt Works in the Civil War and the two battles fought at “The Salt Capital of the Confederacy”. Learn about Saltville’s industrial history, where the American chemical industry began, and life in the company town that developed around it.  Study a unique eco-system of a salt-water marsh located 400 miles from an ocean.  

Whether you’re a native of the area, a visitor, a research student, or just passing through, you will find something of interest.  Browse the seventeen natural and cultural salt related exhibits of Appalachian heritage and history taking you “From Mammoths to Moon Missions.”  It’s an unexpected experience.