Mary Draper Ingles Cultural Heritage Park

The Mary Draper Ingles Cultural Heritage Park is home to an 8′ tall elegant bronze statue of Mary Draper Ingles by sculptor Matt Langford.  Captured by the Shawnees in 1755, Mary is well known for her escape from her captors. She walked through Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia by following the Ohio, Kanawha and New Rivers to return back to her home.

The well-known story of Mary’s capture by Shawnee Indians, her escape and harrowing journey home to the area have produced a “New York Times” bestseller, numerous other books and articles, a long-running outdoor drama called The Long Way Home, a couple of movies and documentaries and even a song on YouTube.

While you are there, stop by the Radford Visitor’s Center (adjacent to the site) and see the permanent exhibit about Mary and be sure to pick up a brochure with other Mary-related sites within an easy driving distance.  

Periodically, other outdoor sculptures will be exhibited at the site.