LOVEwork in Pearisburg

The story begins during the 2017 Giles Summer Feeding Program. The story continues through the 2017-2018 school year. The story has made its permanent mark on the landscape of Giles County.

But what makes this ‘LOVE’ so special? This public art installation features over 3,500 rocks, from Giles County, painted by almost every child age 4 through 12 in public, private, and home school. This ambitious project is a joint effort between the Giles County Public Schools, Giles Early Education Project (GEEP), the Summer Feeding Program, county employees, volunteers, and residents. For the last year, volunteers and faculty members have been working with young people to express their creative side by painting rocks that in some way, represents who they are or what makes them special.

The LOVE is easily accessible and seen near the Giles County Courthouse. The work was supported by local masons and student volunteers. The concept and design work was completed by a local group of teachers and volunteers. Funding for the LOVE sculpture has come from gracious donations from The Palisades Restaurant and community organization, as well as VTC.