Honduras Coffee Company

Honduras Coffee Company is a family-owned business that offers fine sustainable shade grown coffee that is grown on their family coffee farm located high in the lush green Comayagua Mountains of Honduras. The coffee is fresh roasted on-site at their facility in Stuart. The coffee is sold wholesale to coffee shops, restaurants and many different types of retail outlets. They also sell the coffee retail in their coffee shop in Stuart and on their website, www.hondurascoffeecompany.com. When you visit their coffee shop, (open 7am – 6pm Mon – Fri and 8am to 6pm Saturdays-closing at 2pm Saturdays during the Summer)not only can you experience and great cup of coffee, but you can also choose from a full coffee shop menu including cappuccinos, lattes, smoothies, bagels, soup, fresh squeezed lemonade & limeade and many bakery items.