Historic Cambria Depot and Scale Cabinetmaker Museum

The Historic Cambria Depot is an Tuscan Italianate Depot built by the Virginia Tennessee Railroad in 1867 and opened in 1868. It is one of only two Virginia-Tennessee, pre-segregation Reconstruction Era combination depots left in Virginia and the only wooden Tuscan Italianate depot left in the United States. The station was built on the site of the original station, burned by the Union Army in 1864. The Cambria Depot stands as a testiment to the engineering and construction methods employed by the Virginia-Tennessee in the years immediately following the Civil War. Built out of American Chestnut, the Historic Cambria Depot survived being hit by a train in 1981, was rebuilt in 1984, and was listed in the National Register in 1985. For the nearly 100 years of its active life as a railroad station, the Cambria Depot was the entry point for every new immigrant to Montgomery and Floyd Counties between 1868 and 1906 and every freight delivery (from Sears Mail Order Houses and Henry Ford’s Model Ts to china-head dolls and Erector Sets from the Wishbook). The Cambria Depot now house The Scale Cabinetmaker miniature displays, Dorsett Publications, and the Cambria Toy Station (Museum Shop).

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