Fisherfinds LLC

FisherFinds was established in 2014. We began to buy and resell vintage and antiques at Antiques on Main in Christiansburg, VA. Over the last several years, we have met so many wonderful people throughout the country and even abroad that are as passionate as we are to buy and collect from the past. We also are about reusing, repurposing, recycling, and buying from the very small businesses.

Our heart always was to have a place that we could continue to buy and resell our vintage and antiques, but also provide a place for others to not only do the same but expand the offerings to the public from our local artisans. We envision glass blowing, candle making, lotion / soap making, photography, painting, chalk / pencil art, writing, repurposing / recycling, quilting, forging, furniture making and whatever one can create with their hands. Artisans are very gifted. They have so much to offer to those that are seeking a gift or adding to one’s home décor. Through FisherFinds, we want this accessible to all.

FisherFinds is a brand, but the vendors are the core. In our mind, we have to ensure to promote and sell each vendors specialty.

General Info

Antiques, Crafts, Flea Market, Furniture - Specialty, Gifts & Collectibles, Shopping, Specialty Shop

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