Fiddle, Banjo, & Dance Club

Talented musicians – both instrumentally and vocally, crafters of musical instruments and those with a deep appreciation of the music gather monthly at the college for its Fiddle, Banjo and Dance Club jamborees. Held since 1991 on the second Saturday of each month between October and April, the free music events have become a gathering of like-minded people who are interested in enjoying, preserving and perpetuating the great old-time and bluegrass music of their ancestors.

The mission of the Fiddle, Banjo and Dance Club is to foster, preserve and promote the rich musical legacy that has been passed down through generations in the New River Valley and to provide opportunities for youth of the region to learn about and appreciate their heritage. Traditional bluegrass and old-time music is featured reflecting its impact on the culture of the area and how lives and communities can be enriched by these contributions.