Fairview Historic Homestead

At Fairview, learn about the Hagy family, a family whose history parallels the American experience. The Hagys were Swiss immigrants to the American colonies, served in the War for Independence, moved to Virginia along the Great Road, and planted their roots in Washington County; their descendants were the founders of the Hagy Wagon Company. Experience what life was like for the Hagys and other nineteenth-century Southwest Virginia families. Learn about agricultural practices, from the grains and vegetables that supplied the family table to the flax that was woven into linen. Watch demonstrations of the “needle arts”—quilting, sewing, embroidery, and knitting. Take a lesson with our teacher and play popular nineteenth-century games. Discover how nineteenth-century practices from housekeeping, medicine, and cooking can be used in your home today.

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Agricultural, Colonial America, Cultural Heritage, Gardens, Genealogy, Historic Buildings, History, Pioneer/Rural Life

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