Dungannon Depot

From 1910 to 1912 the Depot in Dungannon was in a boxcar, open at both ends and located on a side track. The present Depot was built by hand beginning in 1910 and completed in 1912. The Dungannon Depot was one of the few remaining along the track of the Clinchfield Railroad line which runs from Spartansburg, S.C. to Elkhorn City, K.Y.The last regular passenger train to run was May 2, 1955. Since then a special “Santa Clause” train runs just before Thanksgiving. For the next twenty years it sat there waiting until June 2, 1978, the Depot was moved to it current location. After the Depot was completely renovated, the new community center was dedicated in April of 1980. On March 18th 2010 the Virginia Department of Historic Resources Approved the Dungannon Depot as a Listing on the Virginia Landmarks Register