Donley Violins

Timothy C. Donley is a violin restorer and maker based in Independence, Virginia. He restores and repairs all types of fiddles, violins, violas, cellos, double basses, and bows. A selection of instruments and bows is available for sale. He has served over a thousand musicians from all genres of music including symphony players, jazz, bluegrass, old-time, and more. Tim Donley, who learned the trade through a classical apprenticeship in Richmond under violin maker John Larrimore, is also an award-winning old-time fiddle player. Custom-made instruments are built on commission. Donley serves musicians from Roanoke, VA, Charlotte, NC, Abingdon, Galax, and elsewhere. He is the violin restorer for Davidson Violins near Charlotte, NC, and he has worked on a number of historic instruments including Patrick Henry’s fiddle kept at Red Hill, and one of the earliest American cellos, preserved at the Duke University Musical Instrument Collection. Please call for an appointment to visit the shop, try instruments, or learn more about violin work.