Bluemont Presbyterian Rock Church

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Plateau of Southwestern Virginia in south central Carroll County, Bluemont Presbyterian Church is one of six rock churches built by Rev. Bob Childress. Subject of the book, The Man Who Moved a Mountain by Richard C. Davids (1970). Largest of the six rock churches. The forerunner to the present church was opened in 1920 as a wooden structure. Church was encased by native stone in 1945-1946. Bluemont derives name from the abbreviation of the word Blue Mountain, for the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors who wish to view the property are encouraged to do so, but tours are not available. The six churches are a popular regional attraction. Church can be viewed from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Services are conducted every Sunday of the year and visitors are welcome. Service 10:30 a.m./ Sunday School 10 a.m.