The Candy Shed & Gifts

We are located on Main Street in Abingdon. Open Monday-Friday 10-7 and Saturday 10-5. Sometimes we are open on Sunday, usually only if there is an event going on (highlands festival)

We have all kinds of tasty treats and other great gift ideas.

  •   Candy by the pound-new candy and nostalgic candy
    •  Over 30 different kinds to choose from that bring back memories from your childhood
    • BB Bats, York peppermint patties, KITS, NECCO’S Chocolate Gold Coins, Tootise Rolls, Smarties and More!
  •      Truffles -15 FLAVORS to choose from 
    • Cookie Crumb bark, peanut butter meltaways, coconut snowballs
  •      Salty snacks for the folks who are already sweet enough!
    • Corn Nuts (lots of different flavors!), Sesame stix, Various snack mixes 
  •      Sugar free candy
  •      Woodford reserve bourbon balls
  •      We also have letter art- very unique and very personable because you make whatever you like 
    • We also can frame your letter art it just takes about 10 minutes!!!

Be sure to stop by and see us on your way thru Abingdon! Or come by and grab a snack before you head to the Theatre or to ride the Trail!!!

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