Birch Knob Tower

General Info.

Location: Dickenson County, Virginia. An elevation of 3,144 feet above sea level, you’ll find the 100-yard walk from the parking lot and the 183 stair steps to reach the top to be well worth the trek. Just bring along some bottled water and don’t forget your camera. Sitting on a rock outcrop at the highest summit of Pine Mountain, the view from up there can allow one to see Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. On a clear day, it is also possible to see Ohio. The area provides access to Pine Mountain Trail. Beautiful Mountain View! Birch Knob is located about 7.4 miles southwest of Elkhorn City, Kentucky. It is 6.2 miles north of Clintwood, Virginia in the Jefferson National Forest ont he border between Kentucky & Virginia. The Area is open from April 1st to January 7th from 6am-10pm

New signage has been installed with better directions on getting up to the Tower.  An interpretive sign talks about the history of the old Tower and about the new Tower.  States have been identified for viewing from atop the observation tower.

P.O. Box 1990
Clintwood, VA
(276) 926-6074

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