Ben & Jerry’s Christiansburg

General Info.

Enjoy the latest scoop on all the yummy treats and fun events we’re concocting for you. We are here to give you a great little vacation, a bit of self-indulgence, and joy for the belly and soul.

And did we mention our oh-so-abso-fabulous ice cream cakes, sundaes, shakes, fresh fruit smoothies & toute-frooozen coolers? And does it make you smile to realize we love concocting outrageous phrases like “toute-frooozen” as much as we love creating new ways to astound and amaze your tastebuds? Come get some ice cream today!

782 New River Rd
Christiansburg, VA
(540) 381-7654

China Wok Chinese Restaurant located inside the New River Mall. Delivery is not an option.

Casual Mexican Restaurant right at the New River Valley Mall

Upscale, family dining. Near New River Valley Mall. Call for more information