Emma Yates Memorial Library

As much a museum as a library, this small town library was once the home and shop of Miss Emma Yates. Built in 1901, the building features the original iron front facade and cylinder glass windows. Miss Emma’s original store shelves are still inside the library and host the reference section of books. Miss Emma traveled to New York City to study millinery before coming to Pocahontas. She opened her shop in this building and sold hats, dresses and the like. Always interested in being cutting edge in her business, Miss Emma advertised that she had the ‘latest fashions’. After hours the ladies of the town would gather in the rear of her shop for social time, the men accused this of being a gossip shop for many years. Whichever the view, the Emma Yates library is a must see treasure in the historic town of Pocahontas. In addition to being a local library with up to date books, large collections of genealogy research tools, computers for public use and wifi, they also host a large collection of Emma’s work in hats and dresses. As well as many early 20th century items for display. Hours: M – Thursday 12:00 – 5:00 Friday 12:00 – 4:00